PatientsLikeMeOnCall™: The Patient Voice Clip, BrownCat

Interview with Parkinson's member BrownCat87: A few years ago, members of the PatientsLikeMe Parkinson's Disease community came together online and decided to create the quilt as a fun activity to get them through the winter season. Each patch of the quilt is designed by a different member of the community and demonstrates, in a very personal way, something about the individual and her/his experience living with Parkinson’s Disease. Initially a fun passion project, the quilt has become an expression of the power of community. Little did the quilters know how much their project would end up impacting their lives, the lives of other members, and, even beyond that, the lives of people in the Parkinson’s disease community as a whole. To get you geared up for this five part series, here is a quick clip from our premiere interview with PD community member, Pokietoo. The premiere launches this Thursday (October 7th) at 2pm EST, and the other interviews will run every Thursday following. Hosted by Aaron Fleishman